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Everyone deserves a chance to reach the top of their game.

When employees struggle to flourish, it flattens motivation and affects everyone around them. But individuals, like businesses are unique. One-size-fits-all training doesn’t work. For meaningful change, you need a personalised approach to employee development that equips your team with the skills, knowledge, confidence and leadership abilities people need to reach their full potential so your business can thrive.

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You’ll will enjoy it

We always take our jobs seriously, but never ourselves. We have fun while we work and engage with your team. Because no one wants to be bored by a dull presentation.

We’ll make it easy

We use gamification, relatable props and real life scenarios to help your team retain knowledge more effectively so they know how to put their learning to work straight away, every day.

You’ll get value

We always seek to add value to our clients, colleagues and partners and bring improvement to every situation, always aiming to deliver a great return on your investment.

You need a team that understands your unique challenges

Finding the right employee development partner to support your team can be tricky. You need someone who understands your unique challenges and will work with you until the changes you want have happened. At Şensezgin & Kurmuş, our team of specialist consultants work collaboratively with you, as part of your team. Established for more than 20 years, we develop tailored programmes for Turkey’s top 100 firms, as well as high potential, new generation/progressive firms to help make change easy for your people so they – and you - can finally achieve the success you’ve been looking for.

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Who we support

We only work with people who are committed to change. It’s important to us that we develop strong, positive relationships with our clients so we can work openly and comfortably with each other. Because we’re in this for the long haul (and no one likes working with awkward silences). Our clients have included:

Why we’re different to other employee development agencies

  • Our business model is flexible, performance-based, transparent and fair
  • We have the capability to design bespoke processes and programmes for you
  • Our consultants are credible experts in their field, with indepth business understanding
  • We are renowned for our strong workshop and facilitation skills
  • We listen to your needs and speak your language, making sure we are always inclusive
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Empower your workforce with the skills for success

  • 1 REQUEST A CALL - Call our team and discuss your challenges.
  • 2 PLAN FOR CHANGE - We’ll understand your situation and engineer an effective, easier solution, tailored to your needs, with expert support and training to help you reach your goals.
  • 3 MAKE THE DIFFERENCE - Delight your leadership with accelerated progress, improved productivity and a workforce finally aligned to the vision.

The Qualities That Set Us Aside From Other Development Consultants

  • Collective Intelligence - We help your employees overcome the limiting beliefs holding back success and we show them how much more can be achieved when they come together as a team.
  • Encouraging Ownership -We’ll give your team the confidence to take ownership of and responsibility for the transformation - reinvigorated by your leadership
  • Tailored Solution - We design a unique journey with boutique solutions to solve your problems – because a ‘one-size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for business

Give your workforce the chance to excel

Don’t risk the future of your workforce on empty initiatives or training that’ll be forgotten by next week. For lasting change, request a call with Şensezgin & Kurmuş today and watch your employees fulfil their potential, while your leadership thanks you for making it happen.