Making Change Easy for your Workforce to Embrace

Engage and develop your employees to prepare for and respond to change effectively

Align teams to
your vision

Show people how to cope with change

Move your business
forward faster

Change won’t happen without your people on board

So, your business is evolving! You’ve introduced new processes, maybe changed your strategies, had a complete overhaul of your entire structure or might be trying to develop a new working culture. Whatever changes you’re focusing on – that’s a LOT for your team to adapt to. And when people can’t easily see why change is necessary or how they need to adapt progress stalls. Here’s the thing. As humans, we don’t always adapt well to change. But that doesn’t mean change has to be frustrating. We’re here to help you achieve the success you know should be possible.

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We focus purely on your people

Strip out the confusion

We’ll help your workforce understand why change is necessary, identify their role within that so they can see what the opportunities are and why what they do really matters in context with the bigger picture.

Equip with skills for success

Are your employees prepared? We’ll identify any soft skills gaps holding them back and set them up for success. We’ll focus on communication, critical thinking, emotional IQ attitudes and mindset – the real skills of business life

Transform with full support

We’ll work with you to align and develop teams, motivate commitment from employees and understand the importance of communicating and leading with purpose so employees mobilise in line with company priorities and performance soars.




Process Design

When you invest in your people, change makes sense to everyone

As businesses evolve, what makes sense at the top doesn’t always compute at the bottom. Change can be more challenging than you hoped. Established for more than 20 years, our consultants help your people change from the bottom to the top. We’ve supported Turkey’s top 100 firms and high potential, new generation/progressive firms to create more engaged and agile organisations by assisting with every aspect of people management from improving communication to effective mobilisation that aligns your whole workforce. We draw from evidence-based practices to create simplified processes to support you throughout. We set clear goals to measure progress and work with you until those goals have been achieved.

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Şensezgin & Kurmuş can support your employees to:

  • Lead purposefully
    Know how to communicate effectively, to align and motivate teams to embrace change
  • Communicate change effectively
    Learn how to open all channels of communication, how to help people understand why change is needed and how where they fit in to the bigger picture
  • Refresh your vision
    Redefine your strategy and renew employee perspectives on systems, processes, and performance
  • Build an effective team
    Learn how to hold effective meetings, make confident decisions and better manage time
  • Implement and manage change
    Learn how to be flexible and how to invoke a positive approach to managing change
  • Shape your culture
    Facilitation to strengthen your culture and make it a driving force for positive difference

Rewrite your company story with an integrated approach to change

  • 1 REQUEST A CALL - Call our team and discuss your challenges.
  • 2 PLAN FOR CHANGE - We’ll assess your situation and engineer an effective, easier solution, tailored to your needs, with expert support and training to help you reach your goals.
  • 3 MAKE THE DIFFERENCE - Delight your leadership with accelerated progress, improved productivity and a workforce finally aligned to the vision.
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The qualities that set us aside from other development consultants

  • Collective intelligence - We help your employees overcome the limiting beliefs holding back success and we show them how much more can be achieved when they come together as a team.
  • Encouraging ownership - We’ll give your team the confidence to take ownership of and responsibility for the transformation - reinvigorated by your leadership
  • Tailored solution - We design a unique journey with boutique solutions to solve your problems – because a ‘one-size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for business

Change doesn’t have to be so hard

Don’t let disengagement hold back progress. Request a call with Şensezgin & Kurmuş today so your people can align to your vision, engage and progress – and your business can thrive.