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Emel Şensezgin Mergen

Founding Partner, Consultant

Emel believes that any corporation or organisation can improve its management and leadership. Trained as an industrial engineer, she is driven to establish robust systems and processes, and strives to empower her clients to actualise sustainable outcomes. During her 30-year career Emel has developed expertise across a diverse field of industries, cultures, and goals. Her primary interests and experience lie in the people component of organisational change. She enjoys celebrating the growth and successes of the many extraordinary people she has worked with throughout the years. Emel is actively involved in non-profit and civic organisations, and is currently serving as the board president of humanitarian aid organisation Support To Life. To stay up to date with Emel’s work, follow her on LinkedIn (1998-Present)

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Gökçe Zeynep Kurmuş

Founding Partner, Consultant

Zeynep is passionate about delivering results that add value. She is an expert facilitator and executive consultant, not only advising, but helping clients to execute changes too. Her no-nonsense, drama free, result—oriented approach combined with her ardent belief in collective intelligence and tolerance allow her to make a unique contribution to any situation. Trained in market research and economics, she has more than 25 years of experience in business and organizational development. Zeynep is always actively involved in volunteer work and is currently the president of KODA. She enjoys life, laughter and growth—and basketball. You can find more about her in her LinkedIn profile. (1998-Present)


Zeynep Çetin


Zeynep is determined to make a difference and create value in every aspect of her life. After more than 20 years of experience in human resources and sales roles in leading multinational companies, especially in the retail and technology sectors, she focused on examining human behavior, communication strategies and developing effective team dynamics. Zeynep is committed to participating in projects that support personal development and workplace satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals learn and develop in their careers.

She is passionate about increasing individual and organizational success by empowering individuals, developing strong communication, leadership and fostering a dynamic business culture.

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Eren Galioğlu


A civic engineer by education, with a master’s in business administration, the beginning of Eren’s career is marked with helping with the successful turn-around of the most reputable Turkish corporate finance company, while conducting more than 40 public offering projects for clients. Eren’s expertise in finance and in-depth business understanding combines with the hard-core reality of business - in his terms – “the people”. Always a “family man” at heart, he adds value to all his “families” with great respect for the work and results. He is an excellent performer on platform, master trainer of our global network, and a great film enthusiast. You can find more about Eren’s professional journey on his LinkedIn profile. (2003-Present)

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Aylin Şahin


Aylin is an activist at heart. All her training, education and experience in political science and working with refugees, led her to the strong belief that change is possible, the world could be a better place, and that we all must lean in and face the consequences, tolerate, and work with each other, succeed, and celebrate. Every consultancy project is a manifest of this. We change for the better and grow together. Aylin, simultaneously continues her volunteer work, currently with Support to Life and SES. You can find more about Aylin’s professional profile on LinkedIn. (2008-Present)

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Fulya Argun


As an alumni of E&Y, years of auditing, CFO’ing and GM’ing have brought Fulya a deep financial and commercial acumen. She is our finance expert. Fulya is willing to go the extra mile to serve her clients, sometimes forgetting her own needs. Once you meet her, you will not only see her as your consultant but also your friend. She is passionate about being there for people, and business life is not an exception. You can find more on Fulya’s experiences in her LinkedIn profile.


İpek Ötügen Dinçer


İpek is an experienced Professional of Human Resources and Sales with a demonstrated history of working in retail, operations and technology industries in multinational companies for over 25 years.   She is passionate about accelerating individual and organisational performances by strengthening purpose, building leadership, and enhancing business culture.  As a certified coach she also voluntariliy spends her free time supporting young  professionals to grow and excel their carreers. You can find more about İpek on her linked in profile.


Çağlayan Cavusoglu


Having been a banker (Garanti), a treasurer (Garanti), a salesperson (Johnson&Johnson), an entrepreneur (Arızatatlar), an adult student (Indiana), Çağlayan has established a sound and diverse base for business development. He is passionate about looking at things from different perspectives and asking the unasked. His ten years of experience in the corporate training environment keeps providing us with new products and approaches to make our lives easier, better, faster, and more meaningful. You can find more on Çağlayan’s on his LinkedIn profile. (2021-Present)


Sevcan Pektaş


Sevcan is a devoted professional—and a devoted person as well. She is our one and the only. All our financial and operational processes go through her. You can lean on her on a good day or a bad day. Don't hesitate to call her if you need anything.