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Employee development and training designed for humans to fulfil their potential so your business can thrive

Empower your leaders

Engage your workforce

Accelerate your success

Can you afford NOT to invest in the right training?

When your employees struggle to flourish, frustrations creep in, zapping motivation and polluting your entire working culture. You need the best support, but most training isn’t relatable. So people get bored and switch off. Why? Because employees, like your business, are unique. They need employee development tailored for humans, not clones. So don’t hold back your business with one-size-fits-all training your people won’t listen to.

  • Get personalised employee development to equip your team with everything they need to reach their full potential
  • Become the company that no great employee ever wants to leave
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We focus purely on your people

Identify solutions to real challenges

We take time to get to know your employees and uncover the root of their challenges. Then we help pinpoint their specific goals and develop a simplified plan, so change becomes achievable, effective – and enjoyable.

Help teams want to work better together

We assess what’s holding your team back and work with everyone to design the team they want to be. They’ll learn how to implement new skills in everyday life – and how they have a vital role in each other’s success.

Make progress easy and sustainable

When we can’t see why change matters, progress is harder to achieve. We help people look at the bigger picture and understand their role in success, by cutting out confusion and simplifying how to achieve goals.





Upgrade performance, enhance engagement and reclaim your competitive advantage

Established for more than 20 years, our expert team engineers bespoke programmes for Turkey’s top 100 firms and high potential, new generation/progressive firms to assist with every aspect of employee development from basic business skills like time management to advanced leadership transformation. We draw from evidence-based practices to tailor your programme to meet your exacting needs. We can support your entire workforce or one single person. Either way, this is not about a quick fix. We design a bespoke programme of change and support you throughout, setting clear goals to measure progress against and working until you’re satisfied those goals are achieved.

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Şensezgin & Kurmuş can support your employees to:

  • Become Inspiring Leaders
    Know how to align, develop and motivate teams with sound performance management
  • Communicate With Confidence
    Cooperate and gel together by understanding and valuing each other and sharing goals
  • Better Understand Business
    Understand the big picture, learn the concepts and gain skills for a strategic perspective
  • Be More Productive
    Learn how to hold effective meetings, make confident decisions and better manage time
  • Implement And Manage Change
    Learn how to be flexible and how to invoke a positive approach to managing change
  • Close Sales With Ease
    Develop highly effective solution-focused sales strategies that put your customer’s needs first
  • Become better internal trainers
    Design and implement effective training and development processes your workforce will want to engage with

Empower your workforce with the skills for success

  • 1 REQUEST A CALL - Call our team and discuss your challenges.
  • 2 PLAN FOR CHANGE - We’ll assess your situation and engineer an effective, easier solution tailored to your needs, with expert support and training to help you reach your goals.
  • 3 MAKE THE DIFFERENCE - Delight your leadership with accelerated progress, improved productivity and a workforce finally aligned to the vision.
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The qualities that set us aside from other development consultants

  • Collective intelligence - We help your employees overcome the limiting beliefs holding back success and we show them how much more can be achieved when they come together as a team.
  • Encouraging ownership - We’ll give your team the confidence to take ownership of and responsibility for the transformation - reinvigorated by your leadership
  • Tailored solution - We design a unique journey with boutique solutions to solve your problems – because a ‘one-size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for business

Don’t risk losing your best employees to ineffective training

Tedious training is a waste of everyone’s time. Request a call with Şensezgin & Kurmuş today so your people can learn sustainable new skills and flourish in their role – and your business can thrive.